The 3 Money Apps You Need

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Hi friends!

I thought I’d post today about the three apps I use every day to help manage my money.

I honestly can’t pick a favorite out of these three apps! They’re all amazing!!

First, I want to talk about Mint.

Mint is an amazing app that lets you see all your bank accounts, loans, credit debt, savings, and investments in one place. You are able to see graphs of how your spending, create budgets, see when bills are due. I open this app at least once a day to see how I’m doing.

Secondly, I want to talk about Acorns.

You may have heard about this app already. Acorns is the electronic version of saving your change. When you use your linked card, it rounds up to the next dollar amount and saves that change. So say you spend $5.25, Acorns takes $0.75 to make it $6 and invests it for you. Once the round-ups as they’re called total $5, it withdraws from your funding account and makes the investment automatically.

There is a monthly fee for Acorns. If you use the basic investment portion it is $1/month. They also have a retirement account option for an additional $o1 a month, as well as a checking account for another $1 a month. So for $3 a month you can be automatically investing for both the short term (or long term), saving for retirement and taking advantage of earning cash back through their Found Money program when you use their debit card.

I’ve been using Acorns since I was a sophomore in college and I regularly save around $50 every 30 days into my investment account. Since I’m not making a lot of money I have my retirement account set up to automatically save $10 every month and am currently waiting to receive my Acorns Spend debit card.

Acorns also has helpful articles you can read about finance through their app as well!

Lastly, I want to talk about Qapital.

I found Qapital back in February of this year while I was browsing the App Store and it is probably the best app I’ve stumbled upon.

Qapital is very similar to Acorns. I started using Qapital when it was just an easy way to automatically save. I know they just recently launched their own investing and checking account options as well.

There are now 3 payment options for Qapital. The Basic option is what the free version of Qapital used to be, it now cost $3/month It is a SUPER easy way to save money without even thinking about it! I was able to save up almost $2,000 in 8 months and I make just under $10 an hour.

The next option is Complete for $6/month. With the Complete subscription you get access to their savings account, investing, budgeting, and checking account.

The highest option is Master for $12/month. With Master you get everything in the Complete subscription as well as webinars and in-app challenges.

Now, I can’t speak as to how the investing, budgeting, and checking accounts are for Qapital but I can’t live without using the savings feature of Qapital.

It is the easiest way to build up an emergency fund or save up for something you’ve been wanting to buy!

Using these 3 apps has really helped me learn to manage my money a lot better and has allowed me to start an emergency fund, start investing, and start saving for my retirement already!

I found all of these apps on my own and am posting this because I love these apps and think everyone should try using them!

Let me know if you use these apps or if you have any favorite money related apps, I loved to hear about them!