Spending Fast: Week 7 Update

12/10/18- 12/16/18

Hi friends!!

After 7 weeks on this spending fast, I am finding pretty easy to not spend money on items I don’t need. 9 weeks ago I was spending at least $50 a week on new clothes and other non-essential items, now I am *mostly* only spending money on necessities and supplies for my hobbies.

This week I went a little spending crazy though.

I’ve recently decided to start knitting and crocheting and have taken the dive headfirst into the world of yarn (maybe a little bit too much, but hey that’s my obsessive personality that I have). I spent a total of $80.52.

Besides purchasing yarn, I went to the movies with a friend and spent $21. I have no problem with spending money doing that since I don’t get to hang out with her often.

I also spent $16.63 on a Christmas present for my mom and $51.50 on cat food and Christmas presents for my cats.

I’m putting myself on a yarn buying ban until I use all the yarn I’ve purchased!

Week 7 I spent a total of $169.65.

I made $184.35 this week. For a “savings” of $14.70.

Not the best week but also not the worst.

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