Spending Fast Update: Week One

10/29/18 – 11/4/18


I decided to start my spending fast on October 29th that way I could do weekly updates over the weekends!

I’d say this past week was very easy to not want to spend money unnecessarily. I’m not in the mood to spend money right now which is great, but I know that’ll change soon and it’ll be a challenge to stay strong.

This week I spent $694.95.

I had 2 different emergency funds over over $1,000 so I decided to withdraw money from one fund to pay off my credit card that was carrying a balance of $638.05 (though, I was not being charged interest).

I also spent $32.66 on gas, $12.24 on body wash (was an easy pay item, should only have 1 more month to pay 🤦🏻‍♀️), and paid $10 into my retirement account.

I got paid $237.71 on the 30th and $50 on the 2nd. I didn’t end up ‘saving’ any money to pay towards loans this week, but I did pay off my credit cards so from here on out I will save to pay down my loans!

I know this will get more challenging but I’m proud of myself for not even wanting to shop this week!

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